About Us

As a leading pawn shop in Petaling Jaya, Pajak Gadai Foong Joo offers simple, fast and hassle-free instant loans.

With 40 years of experience, our expertise in gold, jewellery, diamonds and luxury watches will enable us to help you attain the best price at which you can pawn your items.

For the latest gold pawning price, please call 03-77818284.

Interest Rate

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Gold Price RM/g

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*Monthly basis. Terms & Conditions Apply. Interest rate permitted by Pawnbrokers Regulations 2004 cannot exceed 2% per month.

Our Services

We aim to help our clients meet their short-term financing needs by:

Items That You Can Pawn


We accept gold jewellery at our pawn shop

We accept all forms of gold jewellery, including 916, 22k, 18k and 9k. In addition, we also accept gold bars and gold wafers. Old, damaged or incomplete jewellery are also accepted by us.


We accept diamonds at our pawn shop

We also accept diamond jewellery in any form, with or without official diamond certification.

Luxury Watches

We accept watches at our pawn shop

We accept only selected brands of luxury watches. Please contact us for more details before bringing your luxury watches for valuation.


  • Maximum period for repayment is 6 months from the date of pawning. However, additional time can be requested if required by the customer. There is no minimum repayment period.
  • APR** for a 6 month loan is 18%.
  • For example, a RM1,000.00 loan for 6 months will cost RM90.00 in interest. Therefore, the amount required to redeem a pledged item will be RM1,090.00

**Annual Percentage Rate