How To Pawn Your Items?

Pawning your items with us is quick and easy and does not require any application process or credit checks. Just bring your valuable items to us for valuation and your IC/MyKad/Passport for identification purposes. The whole process takes only five minutes and involves three steps:

Step 1

Bring your valuable items

Bring your valuable items to Pajak Gadai Foong Joo as well as your IC / MyKad / Passport.


Step 2

Quick valuation

Allow us to do a quick valuation on your valuable items. We will then quote a maximum pawning price for your items.


Step 3

Accept your cash and pawn ticket

Upon your agreement with the loan amount, we will then give you your loan in cash and a pawn ticket with details of your valuables and the loan amount.


  • Each pawn ticket has a period of 6 months. We charge 1.5%* per month on the loan amount. For example, a loan of RM100.00 will only cost RM1.50 a month.
  • Clients do not have to pay the interest every month. Only pay the interest when redeeming items.
  • Friends or relatives of clients can also redeem on their behalf but they must bring along their IC/Passport.
  • If the pawn ticket is lost, please notify us as soon as possible to prevent unauthorised redemption of your items.


Terms & Conditions Apply. Interest rate permitted by Pawnbrokers Regulations 2004 cannot exceed 2% per month. In the event that the pledge item is not redeemed or the pawn ticket is not renewed within 6 months as stipulated in the Pawnbrokers Act 1972, then the reduced interest rate of 1.5% will not apply.


Clients can redeem their items at any time within 6 months from the date of pawning. To redeem, please bring your pawn ticket and your MyKad/Passport as well as the loan amount plus interest due in cash. Clients can also extend their loan period by just paying the interest amount due and a new pawn ticket will be issued for a further 6 months. This ticket renewal can be repeated indefinitely.